Getting Back in The Saddle

With all that has happened within the past month, I have been unable to make any new posts. I am out of the hospital. But I am at this time haveing to get help with making this post. The stroke was complete occlusion on the left side of my brain with the venous side. I understand this is better than the arterial side. What I was told is that clots had formed from my juggler and back into the brain. Fresh blood was able to pump into my brain but the waste was not able to be removed. It had extended into my sinus cavity as well. Thankfully I have not been too physically impaired bit my mental capacity has been greatly affected. I am aware of most of my limitations. I am sure that more will become obvious at later dates. I am told that I will make a speedy recovery, but some of my mind may be lost. Yeah, how fun is that. I will be going to a speech therapist, I have some issues there. I also have some emotional control issues. Apparently, I am not supposed to be pissed off that this has been done to me. Oh well, I guess I can rant and rave on here as time goes by, as long as someone is willing to sit down and follow along as I stutter my way through expressing a thought. I am thankful to be alive for my family. They have been great. I don’t blame God, he is not the one who poisoned me and is using us as guinea pigs to make the cash off of us. I am pissed at those who know about things that can happen to people like what has happened to my family and permit it to happen through hidden agendas and backroom politics. Believe me, as I learn more about this I am going to raise a piss fit about it and be as loud and as force-full as my new special facilities allow me. For now, I will say, thank you for all of the support and help that my family has received. To those who are responsible, well you will be hearing from me and others like me as soon as We are able to regain our strength and determine the best methods to reach out and touch you with.


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