Stroked Out!

Dearest readers

I am writing to you from my current location, a hospital bed within Saint Francis in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I did not believe this was going to be the ordeal that it is, but I am finding this to be a daunting task. I have been here  for a week n0w, which is how long it has been since my last post. I have a passion for writing, so I will continue to post and strive to bring interesting and lively discussions to you. It appears as though I may end up using a speech to text software, though. I will update as I am able.

P.S. I have suffered multiple strokes, which is why I am in the hospital.

Good day to all…


2 thoughts on “Stroked Out!

    1. Hello Jessica

      Sorry, it has been a long time for me to respond to you. You and Megan are angels to me and my family. I have not forgotten about you, nor will I ever. I have many things rolling around in my head at this time. We are at this very moment in the process of moving into a single level apartment. While I am okay physically, I am afraid that I have suffered from some other underlying issues. Specifically, my mental abilities are not what there were before. They also found an issue with my heart. I am starting speech therapy and will be seeing a cardiologist. I have had to return to the emergency department twice since I was released after my initial two-week stay. I was only just now able to remember how to get back into my blog in order to respond to anyone. I am having my oldest son write for me as I dictate to him.
      Dr. Janjua has me on biweekly phlebotomy therapy. I have to take the Levonox shots for the next six weeks because the warfarin wasn’t working and I was still forming clots.
      I will get around to writing a song for you two dear ladies. You are a part of our family now. You two saw us through a very difficult time in our lives and I believe this makes us a part of the family that surely shares the roof of our heavenly fathers home.
      God Bless, you and yours and please extend my blessings to Megan and know that we are truly grateful for you two special ladies. Continue to be the Body and Blood of Christ here on earth because it is through us, his members which he is able to perform his works among us, you are surely instruments of our Lord.

      All of our Lord’s Blessings
      Brian Robbins


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