Made it past 2 semesters.

So…. I’ve made it past 2 semesters. Going back to college is very difficult when you have been out for so long. Especially when you are older and have been in a completely unrelated field to your major. I have had fun, but I have also struggled a lot. I have medical conditions which have made me very tired. Something I didn’t have to deal with 20  + years ago.

Not to mention the technological learning curve I have had to undergo. The last time I was really involved with computers Windows Vista was new. Now, even though you go to class for lectures most of your assignments are done online. Some of them can be rather extensive. Not to mention all of the different types of software you have to learn how to use just to complete one assignment. It can be daunting, to say the least. I had many assignments which I wrote, some of which I am going to upload here.

This past semester was very difficult. The first semester I made the honor role. Woohoo! This semester was different. I had to take algebra…Ugh!!!. Plus, like I said, I was very tired. All of the time. I was unable to focus on virtually anything I read or was doing. Come to find out I had an extremely low testosterone level. So low in fact that in comparison to other age groups I should have been on the exiting end of a nursing facility. This is no joking matter, I assure you.

My wife, dear, sweet woman, to me anyway (if you are on her bad side, I assure you it is no place to be), decided to return to school this semester as well. This, coupled with the fact that we have three homeschooled kids, made it extremely difficult. Not that she went back to school mind you, it just added to the extra stress of the situation. Why? You may ask. Well, she is a very strong woman, strong willed especially. When she sets her mind upon a task she goes for it with gusto. Oh, she has had her moments, I assure you. Haven’t we all? But like I said, with me being physically depleted, watching her take on so much has tasked me greatly. This woman took on a full semester, 2 days out of the week, all upper-level science, working toward her undergraduate degree, made the honor role, and worked at a very taxing job, 50 to 60 hours a week, and managed to pick up my pieces and shortcomings along the way. All of this she did while reversing type 2 diabetes of her own and dealing with P.T.S.D…  Not to mention dealing with extended family relationships such as previously mentioned problems like with her dad. Which I will continue to address that situation at a later date.

I know I am rambling on, and I am sorry for this. This is really just a place for me to get out in the open what is bottled up inside of me. If anyone ever reads this, other than me, please forgive my shortcomings. At this point I have had one lovely couple follow me, to them I apologize for not making much of this since you first read my posts. And, again I thank you for your comment.

I have been to the doctor, finally after months of trying to get paperwork straightened out, I have begun receiving treatment. Shots which I take every 2 weeks in the arse. With really big needles, mind you. The serum is really thick so the needles have to be big. My wife gives them to me and I believe she gets a sadistic thrill out of delivering them to me. I don’t like needles at all. I squirm around like a little 4 year old and have even shed a tear or two in the beginning. I am better behaved now. She threatened to spank me if I didn’t act right. Which secretly I was kinda hoping for. But instead, she just made it hurt a little more than it should have because she got me in the hip bone once. So now I stay very still, as still as I can be, and just take it like a big boy.

So what else has been going on these past few months? Well, I will go back and reread what I have previously posted and update you with the rest when I can. Maybe today. Who knows? The kids are all up. And, well that changes everything.


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