Ending a conversation.

Do you ever find yourself involved in a face to face conversation and you’re thinking to yourself “I wish you knew how much I do not want to be involved in this conversation”?

Here is a couple of ways to end an uncomfortable conversation.

People enjoy their space. A good 2-3 feet is what is comfortable personal space. Close the gap. The person will start to back up to regain their space and you continue to close the gap. About 1 foot of space between you and your talker should make them uncomfortable enough to want to put some distance between the two of you. Enough space to want to end the conversation altogether, which was your goal.

Or you could try this. People have a tendency to look you in the eye as you speak to them, however, as we speak we will look them in the eye and naturally look around as we speak. People like this behavior, it is comfortable. We are however wanting to end the conversation, right? So do this, when they speak avoid looking them in the eye altogether. On the other hand when you speak try to hold their eye contact as much as possible.


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