Drunk people respect authority — Caterina.net

Really interesting research by Laura Van Berkel shows that people who are drunk, tired, or suffering other types of cognitive impairment such as distraction or stress are more likely to be vulnerable to “those in charge” and when asked, affirm that “control or dominance over people or resources” is a “guiding principle in your life.” […] … More Drunk people respect authority — Caterina.net

Stroked Out!

Dearest readers I am writing to you from my current location, a hospital bed within Saint Francis in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I did not believe this was going to be the ordeal that it is, but I am finding this to be a daunting task. I have been here  for a week n0w, which is how … More Stroked Out!

Restoring trust at TCSO: A Rhetorical Criticism

     Independent periodical, The Tulsa Voice, published Marq Lewis’ article “Restoring trust at TCSO- What should we look for in a sheriff?”(read the full article here:  http://www.thetulsavoice.com/February-B-2016/Restoring-trust-at-TCSO/), where he asserts that new leadership is needed within the Tulsa county’s sheriff’s office while arguing against the recent sheriff and his actions while in office. With … More Restoring trust at TCSO: A Rhetorical Criticism

Homophobia and the Emotional Element.

  It has been speculated for many years that those who are aggressively hostile toward gays are in fact repressing latent homosexuality. Several researchers of sociology and psychology have devised and carried out studies to either prove or disprove this impression. Amos Zeichner and Dennis E. Reidy from the University of Georgia presented to the … More Homophobia and the Emotional Element.